The Giftery Albania
A small shop with special gifts

A small gift shop called The Giftery Albania specializes on introducing unique goods to the country that are hard to locate elsewhere. Products are available for every age and gender. You may get any assistance you need from the staff and proprietors, who are both quite nice. They just added the option for users to place orders for products, and they are also bringing in new products based on client requests.

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The custom design of The Giftery Albania is easily adaptable in the future. The highest quality logos and icons are those with the additional SVG support. There are no SEO mistakes at all, and everything is SEO-ready.

The site is, of course, protected by SSL and WordPress security (Anti-Virus, Firewall, and Malware Scan), as every website should be. In order to ensure that every email is received and delivered, I have also introduced a free SMTP setup. In addition, a caching solution is already present.

The website known as “Gifi” has everything you need to fully automate the majority of your company’s operations. Everything is now integrated with various social media platforms, and you may use the website to automatically post your products to social platforms.



The Giftery Albania is an online store with products presented in a simple and straightforward manner. The layout of the website is designed to direct customers toward the goods you want to sell the most. The site’s categories are simple to identify, and you may browse it all in a few clicks. The checkout procedure is sped up by a small popup cart, and made simpler by the removal of extraneous data. Taxes and shipping are set up. Useful coupon functionality is included.

In case of a fatal error, Gifi also features a backup system linked to a google drive account so that you don’t lose everything.


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