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Geldtrade is a blog with the primary purpose of advertising various business topologies.. They use the latest news from different domains to attract customers and drive them to the domain offerings they are most interested in. Geldtrade utilizes the combination of news, deals and fairs to give the user the “complete package” to be up to date. Business owners can also register their business information, which will then be displayed in a separate section of the page. Soon, they plan to open a new section for new government tenders and a new store is on the verge of being opened.

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News Management


Geldtrade has 9 categories for news, 8 for offers, 6 for fairs, posts for self registered companies and plans to add more categories for tenders. With more than 3500 posts and a 10 posts per day schedule its a chaos to manage without a logical system.

To make the management easy I have created custom post type for each topology. In the admin panel there are seperate sections where each topology has its own post categories, post tags and posts.


Ads Management


The main scourse of income in Geldtrade are the ads. With more than 100 active ads in different parts of the website Geldtrade is a marketing monster. Of course all ads are managed in their own panel with groups, categories, schedules, notifications, analytics and many many more functions to make the system work with ease.


More Features


Extra Layer of wordpress security, Live Chat, Youtube feed integration, Auto Social Poster, Share icons, SEO Ready.

Always responsive in mind

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