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Aman can provide a fantastic journey to your desired destination by combining the skills, experience, and dedication of highly-passionate experts in Southern European travel. We strive to provide excellent, one-of-a-kind group tours for up to 12 travelers as well as private tailored tours. We also provide private tailored tours for luxury travelers, special romantic tours, Honeymoons, and family vacations. The majority of group tours last several days, whereas private tours are very flexible.

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Loyalty Program


Point accumulation is a very powerful tool for involving and loyalizing customers, allowing them to save money or receive a reward after reaching certain point thresholds. With an effective points-based loyalty program and instant rewards, you can keep your customers happy.




A gift card makes life easier for both your customer and the person who receives it. This is why gift cards have grown in popularity to the point where 98% of shops – not just virtual shops – use them to increase sales volume and customer loyalty.




Aman Tours has user-friendly tour designs, many marketing tools, and features that are focused on the needs of the customer. The interactive itenerary map, which shows and moves the map based on the selected days, is an interesting feature. We have popups that display offers and other information. A floating chat and various contact forms are available for communication and automation. The blog design is also customized to match the structure of the website. The website itself is jam-packed with information and photo galleries that will transport you to all of the breathtaking locations where the tours will take place.


Technical point of view


There are a lot of features and options available in terms of the technical aspect. Tours and gift cards can be purchased directly from the website. There is a live chat available. The website is SSL and anti-virus protected, has a cache system, and is SEO ready. Aman Tours, like every other site I build, is linked to Analytics and Search Console.


People are becoming increasingly preoccupied with their cellphones. And I am as well.